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How To Find a Contract Manufacturer in China

Locating a reliable contract manufacturer in China, one that you can confidently outsource work to, might seem like an overwhelming challenge. Uni Precision has provided leading contract manufacturing services for over 30 years. We assist customers around the world with their manufacturing and sourcing needs, and our local expertise allows us to provide insight into the many factors to consider when evaluating overseas contract manufacturers.

  1. Project-Specific Manufacturing Experience

    Ideally, the contract manufacturer specializes in your industry, or the type of product you need manufactured. Customers can review websites as a first effort, and look for contract manufacturers who specifically highlight products or processes similar to your requirements. Many contract manufacturers showcase the companies they supply to, and what countries they ship products to.

  2. Support Accessibility

    When evaluating a contract manufacturer, accessibility and support are key questions. Look for outsourced suppliers that have manufacturing plant(s) and offices in China, but also offer offices or representatives in your geographic area. This provides you with a contact point with business hours in your time zone, and can easily act as your liaison to manufacturing personnel in China.

  3. Certified Quality Manufacturer Processes

    Contract manufacturers that ship goods to the U.S. and other western countries often adhere to higher quality standards, and are committed to complying with well-known quality programs to ensure outsourcing eligibility. While only some Chinese manufacturers are ISO certified or IPC certified, companies such as Uni Precision, have taken the proper steps to maintain these quality standards. To check your outsourced suppliers’ quality control process review your manufacturer’s web site or publically accessible information.

  4. Referrals

    Word of mouth is often our best source of new business, and it is a great way to ensure the Chinese contract manufacturer you select is a good choice. Reach out to colleagues within your business network for recommendations. Seek out contract manufacturers that are willing to provide you their business licenses and provide a list of customers that you can contact for reference.

  5. Value-Added Capabilities

    While evaluating manufacturing equipment, products and processes is important in your search for an overseas contract manufacturer, also review support services that might increase a supplier’s value, lower total production costs, or prevent problems. For example, contract manufacturing companies that have in-house engineering services, that can provide design assistance, or that review order manufacturability help to ensure that your product is manufactured to your specifications and will perform as expected.

  6. Shipping of Manufactured Components

    An experienced contract manufacturer will not only produce the requested product, but will also provide services and logistics support that allows your order to ship to you on time, without unexpected fees or delays. Look for contract manufacturers that have processes in place to properly export goods from China, with existing, proven shipping methods and legal compliances. Review a customer list of businesses the manufacturer has supplied and shipped to, both in the U.S., Canada, Europe and other target regions, and evaluate shipment schedules.

  7. Final Manufacturer Evaluation

    Once you have developed a short list of the top contract manufacturers to choose from, send a RFQ to the company as the next step in the selection process. Make sure to specify in your RFQ that the contract manufacturer include prices for production, minimum order quantity, prices for samples, time to manufacture, shipping conditions and payment terms.

    Finding a contract manufacturer that has proven production capabilities, quality assurance, in-house engineering services, design expertise, and holds international quality certifications – such as ISO compliance – will ensure that the manufacturer you select will help you effectively lower costs and streamline operations.

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For more than 30 years and with more than 600 employees, Uni Precision has provided complete contract manufacturing services for vertical electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and a wide array of plastic molding and finishing services. With capabilities that range from engineering to material sourcing to contract manufactured order production, Uni Precision is a one-stop resource for your contract manufacturing needs in China.

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