Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Uni Precision is one of China’s leading printed circuit board assembly manufacturers. For more than 3 decades we have delivered unmatched quality and value in PCB assembly, providing reliable manufacturing services for some of the world’s largest companies.

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Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCB Assembly)

With a specialized focus on vertical electronic manufacturing services (EMS), Uni Precision provides assembly and build of electronic products. Our PCB assembly complies to strict quality requirements, including IPC standards.

One of China’s most respected printed circuit board assembly manufacturers, Uni Precision provides unmatched quality and compliance in PCBA and related electronic product design and manufacturing. Customers rely on Uni Precision for our low-cost electronic production services, with printed circuit board assembly capabilities that include:

  • Through-hole (TH) PCB assembly with electromagnetic pump wave soldering
  • Ball-grid-array (BGA and micro BGA) soldering with in-house X-ray inspection
  • Surface-mount-technology (SMT) including quad flat no leads (QFN) PCB assembly

Uni Precision provides complete, in-house vertical electronics manufacturing services (EMS). From engineering to material sourcing to production, our PCBA services ensure the highest levels of quality and compliance.

We are a one-stop resource for our customers’ out-sourced printed circuit board assembly and electronic manufacturing needs. With services including electronic engineering, plastic and sheet metal forming, enclosure manufacturing, assembly, testing and final box build, Uni Precision is recognized as one of the leading electronics manufacturers.

Quality-Driven Printed Circuit Board Assembly Processes

To ensure our parts are delivered compliant to even the strictest requirements, our Printed Circuit Board Assembly Division typically provides the following services:

  • Review and check specifications to ensure the SMD components are properly packaged, stored and handled per the MSL classification.
  • Identify sensitive components to avoid thermal and mechanical damage during SMT processes in accordance to the latest J-STD-020 standards, including compliance at higher temperatures for Pb-free and lower temperature
    Sn-Pb assemblies.
  • Review components specifications for ESD, MSL handling and reflow profile in accordance to IPC J-STD-020 standard.
  • Evaluate the PCB layout including board thickness, pad size, surface finishing, solder mask alignment, component density, pitch and orientation.
  • Design the stencil thickness and hole size, use of solder paste material and reflow profile setup to ensure the solder joint meets IPC-A-610 standards.
  • If needed, fine tune the SMT process based on AOI, X-ray inspection and testing data.

Product Programming

As part of our complete printed circuit board assembly and electronics manufacturing services, Uni Precision provides an array of programming and serializing services. We offer IC programming, MAC address programming, product serializing and labeling capabilities to meet projects requirements.

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