Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

Uni Precision works closely with our suppliers and customers to manage inventory, forecast needs, procure supplies and control production capacities. Our efficient vertical manufacturing operations allow us to quickly adapt to customer needs.

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Large Run Orders & High Mix, Low Volume Manufacturing

With more than 500 employees and a 7,500 sq. meter / 80,700 sq. ft. manufacturing factory in China, Uni Precision is able to produce a wide range of consignment, turnkey and customized products. Our entire operation is driven by quality and excellence.

For more than 3 decades, Uni Precision has provided the highest quality contract manufacturing services. With a state-of-the-art production facility in China, as well as sales and support staff in Hong Kong and the Unites States, we are able to fulfill orders for some very large companies. We operate with ISO 9001, 13485 and 14001 quality certified systems, and have a corporate culture that is dedicated to quality and continual improvement.

Customers rely on Uni Precision for our expert engineering and ability to manage local suppliers and vendors. With global sourcing connections we are able to ensure competitive pricing and minimal inventory risk. Our processes are also integrated to support "just-in-time" (JIT) inventory planning, buffer stock arrangements and Kanban solutions.

With one purchase order, customers can leverage our supply chain and contract manufacturing services, including purchasing, planning and logistical control services. We provide lead-time projections, costs and sourcing recommendations when suppliers are needed. From large run orders to high mix, low volume runs to consignment manufacturing, Uni Precision delivers the quality parts you need on-time and at a low price.

Supply Chain Management

Material planning is one of the most tightly-controlled processes at Uni Precision. Through our custom ERP system we can manage changes and provide clear projections, flexible services and fast response times to allow customers to react and plan. Uni Precision's MRP (material requirement planning) system allows us to efficiently manage the bill-of-material, job order, inventory, production and delivery for each individual customer's order, even for low volume, high mix manufacturing requirements.

With more than 3 decades of experience working with China's customs requirements, Uni Precision can efficiently manage the import and export of supplies, materials and finished goods in and out of China. Our team is driven by quality, and works to ensure our products arrive compliant to customer requirements. Our shipping department often works with customers to identify the best processes for shipping, and can recommend the carriers and forwarders to meet shipping requirements.

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