Material Sourcing & Management

Customers rely on Uni Precision's quality material sourcing and management capabilities. With one, single purchase order we can provide material sourcing, manufacturing, assembly, testing and delivery of quality, low-cost components.

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Complete Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

With ISO certification and some of the world's strictest quality standards, Uni Precision has developed reliable local sources for materials and supplies. From plastics to metal to epoxy resins, we can streamline the material sourcing contract manufacturing process.

For more than 3 decades, Uni Precision has developed key supplier relationships, creating partnerships with companies that meet our strict standards. Our quality control, inventory tracking and ERP software allows us to efficiently manage sourced materials, maintaining low costs and great value for our customers.

We provide plastic, metal, resin, tooling and powder coating materials, along with a wide variety of supplies needed in the manufacture of both turnkey and custom products.

One-Stop Contract Manufacturing

Uni Precision provides complete manufacturing capabilities for our clients, from PCBA, plastic and metal forming, testing and final box build. With one purchase order our customers can fulfill their manufacturing needs. We handle the material sourcing and quality compliance checks, and deliver a complete product on-time and at a low price.

With modern equipment and efficient operations, we can maximize the use of sourced materials. Our experienced team is committed to excellence, and uses state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery and processes to produce quality components. With on-going capital investments we continually expand our manufacturing capabilities and improve quality and efficiency.

Reliable, Hassle-Free Material Sourcing for Contract Manufacturing

Uni Precision's material sourcing and management services streamline operations, delivering reliable quality and fast response. Our team is able to work directly with local supplier sources, and understands the Chinese culture, language and legal system. Customers are able to leverage Uni Precision's material sourcing to eliminate risks, improve quality and provide unmatched contract manufacturing value.

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