Outsourced Manufacturing Management

Customers rely on Uni Precision's quality and compliance controls, and we often assist customers on other manufacturing needs where Uni cannot fulfill. We have in-place processes that ensure orders are fulfilled accurately and with quality components.

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Quality Chinese Contract Manufacturer Out-Sourcing

Uni Precision assists customers around the world with out-sourced manufacturers in China. We understand the Chinese culture, language, legal system and export processes, and deliver unmatched reliability, compliance and value.

For more than 3 decades Uni Precision has provided quality contract manufacturing services, and many customers rely on us for out-sourced manufacturer management. We work with local partner companies and suppliers to provide customized, turnkey and consignment manufacturing, eliminating hassles, risks and mis-communication.

With a corporate culture dedicated to excellence, and ISO 9001, 13485 and 14001 certified management systems, Uni Precision is able to assist customers with quality out-sourcing support. We:

  • Provide engineering assistance if needed
  • Evaluate supplier processes and operations
  • Set up quality standards for inspection and compliance
  • Review warranty, return policies, terms and conditions
  • Manage preventive and corrective actions for any issue found
  • Conduct continual supplier audits & review
  • Provide bar-code based material tracking
  • Assist with shipping and export requirements

We understand the Chinese language, business structure and legal system, and can utilize our existing relationships to help customers eliminate problems in their out-sourced supply chains.

The entire Uni Precision corporate culture is dedicated to excellence, and we apply our strict quality and compliance standards to the local manufacturers and materials suppliers we work with. Some of the world's largest companies rely on Uni Precision to manage their out-sourced contract manufacturing in China.

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