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Chowbotics - Startup Success Story

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Project started from June 2016. By that time Chowbotics just had a very primary prototype of their machine, design was in the initial stage and even didn’t have a full design of refrigeration system, also the BOM was incomplete. Chowbotics targeted to finish a new version prototype within half year.

During this half year, UNI helped Chowbotics with refrigeration system design, sourced and made hundreds of materials, solved countless problems, provided many ideas from manufacturing perspective.

(First prototype made by UNI)

From year 2017 on, UNI had been doing mass production for Chowbotics machine. Along with the production, design kept changing for continuous improvement and a large number of ECNs were issued. UNI kept the paces with Chowbotics and dealt all the changes with ERP system. UNI also set up a testing workshop for Chowbotics machine to do burn-in test, reliability test and temperature test.

In 2018, Chowbotics designed a second generation machine and needed to quickly switch to second generation production. UNI and Chowbotics worked together around the clock for the on-time launching.

Uni finished making over 130 units second generation machine in the past half year. Chowbotics sale rapidly increased in 2019, and will have a leap in sales in 2020 based on the forecast.


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