Contract Manufacturing Services

Many companies with highly complex design rely on Uni Precision for contract manufacturing services and solutions. Our facility in China is supported by sales staff in Hong Kong and the United States, and provides unmatched quality, compliance and value.

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Complete Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

From engineering to material sourcing to final build, Uni Precision is able to act as a one-stop contract manufacturer resource for customers. With ISO quality systems and more than 3 decades in operations, we make out-sourcing contract manufacturing to China easy.

Uni Precision provides flexible and efficient contract manufacturing services to customers around the world. We offer a specialized focus on electronic contract manufacturing, and can deliver a complete product, acting as a one-stop resource for engineering, sourcing and assembly. With low costs and reliable quality, we produce components for a wide variety of markets and applications.

As one of China's leading contract manufacturers we are able to limit customers' exposure and risk. We interface with suppliers directly and eliminate problems that can be encountered when out-sourcing manufacturing to overseas vendors. We understand the Chinese culture, language, legal system and export regulations, and will work to deliver quality parts on-time and at a low price.

Our contract manufacturing services avoid disruption in supply chains, and provide unmatched quality and value. Uni Precision's vertically-integrated contract manufacturer services allow us to act as a one-stop resource. With one purchase order we can manage the entire production process, ensuring quality materials, compliant manufacturing and punctual delivery. Our contract manufacturing capabilities include:

One Stop Contract Manufacturing in China

With a variety of ISO certifications, as well as IPC and FEMA standard compliance, Uni Precision meets, and often exceeds, globally-recognized manufacturing quality requirements. During more than 3 decades in business we have developed key relationships, and can source materials and out-source specialized manufacturing processes that meet our strict quality standards.

Our corporate culture is committed to quality and excellence, and we continually invest in staff training, process development and new machinery to allow for efficient manufacturing and fast response. Our engineers are experts at design for assembly and design for manufacturing (DFA and DFM) considerations, and are ready to customize our production lines, equipment and fixtures to improve the manufacturing of your components.

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